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16:05, June 13, 2019

The stylish garments of a bride must emphasize her figure and harmoniously fit into the overall atmosphere of the festive event. Different types of wedding dresses differ in styles, silhouette, color, type of fabric.

Wedding dress styles

  1. Empire. For such a dress, the following details are characteristic: a straight neckline, a wide belt located directly under the breast, a slightly flared skirt, a light and airy train, and the absence of a huge number of decorative elements.
  2. Greek style is a graceful outfits with a high waist. It helps to visually enlarge the breast and elongate the silhouette.
  3. пышное свадебное платьеBaby Doll. The presented models have a rounded neckline, open shoulders, high waist and a puffy short skirt. Lace adds a certain provocation to this style, which emphasizes all the “dollness” of the style.
  4. Baroque. This style implies accentuating contrasting colors, rich tones and pomp. As a rule, such dresses are made from velvet, silk. Long sleeves are another characteristic of baroque dresses.
  5. Rustic. The main characteristics of this style are simplicity and originality. In the process of sewing such dresses, usually only natural fabrics are used and very often they are decorated with multi-colored embroidery.
  6. Ethnic. Wedding dress, made in the national style, as a rule, bears ethnic embroidery.


A variety of wedding dresses silhouettes

If you really want to know what types wedding dresses exist, it is important to note that a large number of modern silhouettes allow each girl to choose between fashionable options: starting from the puffy images of Disney princesses and ending with modest “classic” outfits.

Puffy (ball) bridesmaid gowns

The puffy bridal outfit allows you to create the image of a princess and emphasize the grace of the girl. However, this outfit looks better on girls of medium and high height – short brides can visually “disappear” in a puffy dress./p>

A puffy wedding dress is considered to be a classic image, therefore it is suitable for almost every type of figure. This outfit will help hide flaws, such as the abdomen or curvaceous hips, and balance the silhouette as a whole. For girls with a figure of an inverted triangle shape, a ball gown will help to balance the figure if the gown has a discreet closed bodice or bodice with wide straps.

fishtail wedding dress

Mermaid Silhouette (“fishtsil”)

A characteristic feature of such a dress is a silhouette that tightly fits the body from the neckline and almost to the knees, and the original skirt, which by its shape resembles a mermaid’s tail and begins no higher than the middle of the thigh. This wedding dress is rather feminine, as it elegantly emphasizes the hips of the bride.

There are several types of modern “fishtail” dresses:

  • with open bodice exposing shoulders;
  • with closed bodice on the straps;
  • with skirt, smoothly going down from the top of the clothes and gradually expanding downwards (“mermaid”);

  • the skirt sewn separately to the dress, puffy and located, as a rule, at the level of the knees (“fishtail”).

The skirt can be sewn of different materials: tulle, lace, etc.

A-Line Wedding Dress

A-line resembles a ball gown, however, its skirt is less puffy and smoothly goes into the bodice. Such outfits are distinguished by a narrowed upper part, and the skirt gradually expanding towards the bottom (like the letter “A”). As a rule, designers complement these models with a fitted bodice and an original skirt. Some collections are complemented with a long removable train.

A-Line wedding dress

Despite its discreet design, these dresses look “royally” – magnificently and festively. Many associate such a dress with A-line wedding dress of of Kate Middleton.

Straight silhouette or “column”

A straight dress emphasizes femininity and refinement of slender brides, but for girls with ample curves it is better to stay away of it – such a dress can emphasize the stomach and hips at a disadvantage.

How to choose the color of the wedding dress

Regardless of which dresses the bride has chosen to try on, straight or puffy ones, a certain shade of a certain color also plays an important role. It is believed that traditionally the bride’s dress should be white. However, today, the color of the wedding dress may be milky, snow white, platinum, champagne, ivory, powdery, lavender or other.

Veil’s color should correspond to the color of the dress. After all, even a slight deviation from the main color will negatively affect the overall style of the bride.

Multicolored models are chosen by girls who want to demonstrate their individuality. In this case, you can choose models of unusual color: yellow, purple, orange, dark blue and other. Recently, designers replenished their fashion collections with garments of purple, blue, cornflower and lavender color.