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15:16, June 13, 2019

Wedding dresses 2019 are distinguished by exquisite style and extravagance, allowing each girl to feel like a real queen. When choosing the right model, it is important to pay attention to the features of the style.

Classic models are especially popular. Professional designers prefer slim-waisted dresses that perfectly emphasize the figure of the bride. Also, no fashion show goes without “fishtail” dress on a “bustier”.

A-line wedding dresses may also be considered a classic. In the collections of famous designers, each bride can find moderately luxuriant dresses that remain on demand for a long time.

A-line wedding dressFor those who prefer short dresses this year is going to be a tough one because in 2019 floor-length gowns are the main trend. An original trouser suit or a one-piece suit may be an excellent alternative.

Another bold decision – a separate dress with a crochet top, where the top and the long skirt are two different elements of the same dress. This fashion model received another popular name – “transformer”.

For girls who prefer a discreet style in everything and everywhere, you can choose a Meghan Markle style dress. The main features of this outfit are long sleeves, minimalistic design, floor-length gown.

At all fashion shows, you can see a Cape dress. Cape can be of different lengths and different styles. Such models especially appeal to many Hollywood stars.

What shades of a wedding dress are on trend?

Fashionable white wedding dresses are still popular, however, not all brides opt for classics. The color (lavender, powdery, champagne, white) plays an important role in the process of creating a full-fledged image of the bride.

Here are non-standard shades of wedding dresses that are in demand today:

  1. Light blue is a real hit of the season. This shade adds lightness to any image.
  2. Models with emphasis on black. Transparent décolletage is often complemented with a black belt or other black parts. Sometimes a bride wears long black gloves.
  3. Powder tone is in again, so the powder wedding dress looks very tender and romantic.


Wedding dress Girls that cannot chose one particular tint, have the opportunity to decide on classics. White is a safe choice, that perfectly goes with any style.

Details matter: fashion trends of 2019

Modern wedding dresses amaze with their style and original details. Today, wedding dresses that have open shoulders, bare back or high collar are on trend.

Nowadays collars are more and more often substituted with fashionable chokers: a lace model decorated with rhinestones, feathers, or a wide choker that completely covers the neck – the choice is yours.

In recent years at the fashion shows designers present unique outfits with a deep neckline and transparent inserts, complemented by lace or embroidery. Floral motifs are gaining in popularity. Covers of women’s fashion magazines are filled with wedding dresses, which are decorated with flower petals. Abundance of petals and blossoms, created from transparent materials, becomes the main decoration of any dress. Such decorative elements may be seen on a luxuriant skirt, they may be used for decoration of a corset or spilled all over the train.

As for the bright elements (rhinestones, sequins, pearls), all these details have long since faded into the background. Now, to stand out from the crowd all you have to do is to pick out a dress to fit your figure. After all, the well-chosen style for the bride is the perfect complement to her gentle and romantic image.